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In April of 2010, an unhappy customer posted a complaint on a public board accusing US Gold Buyers of switching a diamond in a ring she’d sent them. The offer made after US Gold Buyers had her ring in their possession was far less than what she had been quoted over the phone. Of course, this could be due to an unfair description of the item by the customer and the offer was legitimately modified once it arrived. The complaining customer went so far as to mention she was going to file a police report against US Gold Buyers.

What interests us is not whether there was any wrongdoing on the part of US Gold Buyers, or their unhappy customer. The interesting part is the response of the company’s vice president on the public board. The VP states that the original customer had tried to use a smear campaign against their company to blackmail them into paying more for her ring. He stated that she threatened to write bad reviews and complaints if she didn’t get what she wanted. However, the message posted by the VP “outing” her scam wasn’t posted for 18 months, showing up on the board in September, 2011.

If she had threatened to take this sort of extortive action, why was there such a delay in defending the company? A simple search for complaints against his company should have alerted Mr. Vice President to the claims much earlier.

There is no telling whether this is a simple case of “he said/she said” or if wrong doing took place on either, or both, sides. But the fact that they are engaging in such a battle of wits in a public forum is a little troubling from such a professionally oriented business.

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