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In the past three years, the Better Business Bureau has received four complaints against Gold Stash. Three were resolved to the customers satisfaction and one was not, although the BBB indicates that the company “made good effort” to please the complaining customer. The exact nature of the complaint that was not resolved had to do with advertising and sales issues, but was not described further.

A test conducted by the Boston Globe found that Gold Stash had not sent a check for items they agreed to purchase for over a month from the time they made the deal. This is significant because of their policies when a customer has issue with the amount they are paid. If a customer is not satisfied, they have 14 days from the date the check is issued (not received) to notify Gold Stash that they do not accept. Gold Stash holds onto the purchased items for this 14 day period before they repurpose them. If this is their normal practice, then the purchased items will already be repurposed before the check arrives and the customer has a chance to complain.

Additionally, if the customer chooses the fastest option to get their money—a direct wire to their checking account—they forfeit any right to dispute the price and their items will be repurposed immediately.

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