Broken Gold

Broken Gold has a reputation for not providing a good, or even fair, price for one’s gold when compared with other cash for gold outlets. They do, however, publish their prices on their website for certain types of gold, and offer a phone number for direct quotes on more pure forms of gold or platinum.

The good news is that they are easy to work with and tell you how much you can expect to receive from them when you sell your broken gold for cash. For someone without any experience in selling their gold, with no prior instances to compare their transaction, this may be satisfactory. They tend to live up to their word in that regard.

The not-so-good news is that they simply do not pay as well as many other companies. Some have even gone so far as to warn individuals away from the company. Since Broken Gold does not mislead people as to what they can expect, this is more of a “seller beware” situation. Know how much your gold is worth before you settle on a price or accept an offer that is not in line with how much cash you should receive for your gold.

Broken Gold



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