Just Sell Gold (www.JustSellGold.com) was another company in our experiment with gold payouts. We’ll tell you the results turn out, but first, here is some information about the company.

Just Sell Gold is based out of Avon, NY, and they have a BBB rating of A-. Not perfect, but pretty good.

Like other “cash for gold” companies, they ball gold, silver, and platinum – and they also use FedEx for their shipping, which is always good because you have to be confident when you’re shipping something as valuable as gold.

Another good quality about this company is that they are flexible in how they deliver you your payment. They can send you a check, do a direct deposit, or send your payment through PayPal.

We also liked their guarantee. If you’re satisfied with your transaction, all you have to do is return the check or call (within twenty days from the date of the check), and they’ll return your items to you at no cost. They also guarantee that the processing and issuing of payment will be completed within 24 hours of receiving your gold ki.

One thing that we think could be improved upon is that they don’t have much information on the actual company itself on their website – we would’ve like to have found more information about the company, its history, and its reputation.

As for the results of our experiment with Just Sell Gold…

Just Sell Gold paid us $189.00 for the materials that we sent in to them, which ended up being one of the top payouts that we received.

However, it is a bit concerning that they were not able to identify that the coins that we sent them were sterling silver, despite the fact that they were clearly labeled.

Here are pictures of my interaction with them…



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