Gold Stash sent us some very sharp-looking marketing materials in their Goldkit.

The company is endorsed all over the place by Dave Ramsey of “The Dave Ramsey Show” and author and of the book EntreLeadership. It is unclear whether Dave Ramsey has any actual involvement with the company or if he is just their spokesperson, however if he knew how poorly Gold Stash was paying their customers, he more than likely would not want to associate his good name with the company in any way.

Gold Stash was the second to lowest paying company out of all. They paid a mere $81.54, less than 1/3 the total payout of the highest paying company Cash for Gold USA.

Gold Stash purchases Gold, Silver and Diamonds and uses FedEx to ship their material. They are located in Gilbert Arizona and they also offer physical locations where you can personally drop off your items. However, often times when business have drop-off locations, they can’t offer competitive pricing for gold, silver and diamonds due to the fact that they have to cover the overheard costs of their monthly lease, utilities and hiring employees to work hourly at the stores.

We do not recommend considering their payout was really low compared to all of the other companies we worked with.

Below are the pictures documenting the entire progression of the experiment with Gold Stash. paid out $81.54, which was well below the average. Below are pictures showing my interaction with them…



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