Top Five Gaudy Gold Outfits

Wearing gold is always a statement, whether in small doses or entire outfits. So when an already shining celebrity decks out in gold, heads are sure to turn. Of course, with the bold of gold comes the potential for gaudiness. … Continue reading

Gold Scams Prevalent both Online and Offline

While we do our best to single out the criminals via our cash for gold experiment, Cash for Gold Scam can’t catch everyone. Police in Castro Valley, California are currently on the pursuit of scam artists who are apparently targeting … Continue reading

Global Gold Prices High as Ever

The number of currencies in the world stands somewhere around 180, but there are a few assets that are valued across cultural lines, chief among them being gold. Since precious metals are trading at a continually higher price, many investors … Continue reading

Scammers Use Common Tactics to Rope in Victims

The world is full of unscrupulous people just looking for innocent people to fall victim to their latest scam. But what makes people trust a stranger and invest their money in a shady business venture? Former fraud investigator Doug Schadel … Continue reading

Demand for Recycled Gold Continues to Increase

Gold is seen as a symbol of luxury and wealth, and over the last few centuries, demand for the precious metal has remained consistently high. But gold comes at an extremely high price that goes way beyond its market value. … Continue reading